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Research Projects

  Design and Fabrication of GaAs Solar Cells

  Investigation of the Electrical and Optical Properties of theAntireflection Coatings in the Third Generation Solar Cells

  Design and Modeling of WDM Photonic Crystal Integrated Devices Based on the Interaction of Cavity and Waveguide

  Design of a Novel Structure for Photonic Crystal Fiber and Optimization of Its properties

  Design and Simulation of the Optimized Optical Switch based on nonlinear photonic crystal

  Design and Simulation of UV Photodetectors based on ZnO with Optimizing the Quantum Efficiency and Dark Current

  Optoelectronics Lab.


  Design and Modeling of Quantum Repeater in Long Distance Communication

  Design and Modeling of Optical Quantum Gates

  Analysis and Investigating of Quantum Mind Consciousness and Structure

  Analysis and Investigating of Quantum Entanglement and its Application in Quantum Computation

  Quantronics Lab. 


  Design and simulation of dynamical circuit model for QCA cells

  Design and simulation of single molecular transistors

  Investigation of single electron components and transistors

  Design and simulation of ZnO based UV photodetectors with improving of quantum efficiency & dark current

  Design and simulation of Ag nanoparticles effects on electrical and optical coordinates of Titanium Oxide thin films

  Design and modeling of molecular QCA nanosystems

  Design and fabrication of Titanium Oxide thin film containing Ag nanoparticles

  Design and fabrication of TiO2 based UV photodetectors 

  Nanoelectronics Lab.


  Design and implementation of electro-optic system of star tracker

  Design and fabrication of the star tracker processing board and implementing the tracking algorithms

  Design and simulation of star tracker’s baffle

  Systems Lab. 


  Design and simulation of silver nanoparticle influence on the electrical and optical properties of Titanium Dioxide thin film

  Design and simulation of ZnO based UV photodetectors with improving of quantum efficiency & dark current

  Simulation and optimization of the behave of quantum well infrared photodetectors based on GaAs/AlGaAs

  Dual band UV-IR detection in reticle seekers

  Growth process and calculating special characteristics such as accommodation coefficient, strain & stress and … in PbCdS system

  Design, Fabrication and Develop SiC ultraviolet photodetectors.

  Develop high sensitive organic UV photodetectors using innovativedesigns and processing techniques.

  Develop other semiconductors for UV photodetection such as Titanium Dioxide, Diamond, III-nitride and II-VI semiconductors.

  Microelectronics Lab. 


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